Elixr Pilates Classes – Elixr Health Club Bondi Junction

The Club

Conveniently situated just minutes from Bondi Junction train station, our premier club offers a tranquil training environment, Pilates Classes and a welcome escape from the rat race.

With state-of-the-art yoga and Pilates studios, resident nutritionists, remedial massage and other therapists, and the only indoor pool in the area, Elixr Health Club Bondi Junction is the perfect spot to re-energise body and mind.

The Facilities

Elixr Bondi Junction offers two levels of purpose-built yoga and Pilates studios as well as fully equipped change rooms with their own steam room.

There’s a dedicated weights area complete with squat rack, a cardio theatre with a wide range of equipment, and a stretch area. We also have a dedicated personal training studio and private Pilates studio. Aqua classes are held in our 25 m heated indoor pool, which is also home to Elixr Swim School.

The Classes

Elixr Bondi Junction offers over 200 classes a week led by expert instructors and teachers. Our weekly timetable includes:

  • 120 Pilates reformer classes
  • 12 Pilates mat classes
  • 46 yoga classes
  • 44 group exercise classes including Real Fitness Kickboxing, spin, pump-style classes and aerobics
  • 11 aqua aerobic classes

By running classes almost consecutively during our peak times, we ensure that there’s a class to suit everyone, from students to 9–5 office workers. One-on-one Pilates classes and fitness personal training are also available.

Pilates Classes

Eager to take your Pilates even further? Our one-on-one classes are the perfect way to advance your practice safely and fine tune your form for even better results. They’re also an excellent choice for rehabilitation as we work in conjunction with your health professional. Fill in your details and we’ll be in touch.


Our fully qualified instructors are certified by the Elixr School of Pilates. They combine a scientific and practical approach to teach classes that energise, uplift and inspire.


Pilates reformer machines use spring-loaded resistance to create a challenging total body workout in a motivating group environment. Each instructor brings a versatile approach to the class, making every 45-minute session a unique experience. Suitable for all fitness levels.


Pilates mat classes offer a variety of functional movements and controlled exercises that engage the mind and condition the total body. With a focus on core and pelvic stability and spine and joint mobility, the range of strength training exercises improves posture, body alignment and muscle tone.


Pilates body mechanics improves movement patterns to enhance both everyday life and athleticism. Mobility and stability exercises encourage full range movement of the shoulders and hips, while core stability exercises are selected to strengthen the torso in all three dimensions.


Pilates circuit classes keep the heart rate elevated through a series of exercise intervals (between 30 and 60 seconds) that increase strength and aerobic fitness and burn calories. While circuit training can easily be adapted to suit the individual, it is not recommended for beginners.

Elixr is exercise unlike you’ve ever experienced it before. It’s a space to find your strength. To challenge and reinvent yourself. To energise your body and calm your mind.

Whether you find your Elixr through one of our Pilates, yoga, or fitness classes, in our dedicated cardio and weight training areas or in the tranquil waters of our 25 m pool at Bondi Junction, rest assured that you’re in the hands of expert instructors, teachers and personal trainers every step of your journey.

And because we’re not only concerned with keeping your body fit and healthy, we offer several ways to to stretch your mind: Meditation and personal development seminars, sports science courses, and Pilates teacher training through Elixr School of Pilates.


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